Thursday, 31 May 2012

Curious Cases

Had such a lovely Sunday with my sister, Jo and Miss Onions at our first ever Curious Cases sale. I sold various bits and made £60...(which is going towards a shiny new pair of Ray-Bans so, a good day was had by all. It's inspired us all to get on with crafting and we are now on the hunt for our next venue.

And after a couple of people asking for a business card here is my first draft and a couple of pics from the day. x


  1. cute, I love it. How did you do the business card, love the illustration. x

  2. Ta.! ..I doodled it whilst at work, then coloured it on Photoshop and added txt. You can buy business card sheets can't you that you just print on? Studded up my leather jacket tonight as well. xx