Friday, 11 May 2012

Lipstick on my collar

I'm so excited, we're going to finally start up our curious case sale. I've got a new crafty spring in my step. Have bought loads of little bits and bobs and have been googling DIY this and that for hours.
So here's a sneaky peak of some of the projects I'm going to be busying my time with over the coming evenings.

It's all about the collar!

Peter Pan Collars - I've been in love with these for ages so sniffed the air and found this amazing blog Honestly... WTF they've got this really simple and pretty tutorial

Pearly Queen - little simple details that transform old battered shirts - I have loads of denim shirts lurking in the back of my wardrobe just crying out for a makeover. Found this on etsy and thought... I can do this...

Sequin sparkler - love the glitz of this one from Urban Outfitters just need a length of sequinned material and a ribbon...hey presto.

Just saw this amazing looking tutorial on because im addicted - I absolutely love this blog and yet again they've come up with a simple, yet stunning DIY feature. T.shirts and suede string now added to the shopping list!

I'll keep you updated with pictures once I have all the materials in... *please don't let it be another craft fail*


  1. Love these, can I model one for you and be like a live advert?