Thursday, 19 April 2012

Craft Fail

Last night Kirsty came over so we could get cracking on our monthly blog challenge. I pictured us painting our nails in pretty pastel colours, trying out various nail art technics and dressing up in our take on the pastel trend, whilst taking pictures skipping through grassy fields with lambs, butterflies and litle fluffy clouds. This did NOT happen. We failed to purchase a nail art pen so thought we'd improvise with a sharpie...the so called 'bird' I attempted looked more like it belonged to a Halloween inspired theme. We then proceeded to drink lots of red wine, gossip and paint our nails in every pastel colour under the sun.

At 12 o'clock when we realised Kirstys lift was coming we slapped on an array of pastel coloured eyeshadows, that clearly belonged in the 80's and took some awful shots of us with the oven in the background (because it was too dark outside)...I even got on my bike in the attempt to look arty - I was inside!
So in the spirit of our failed evening I feel this blog is very apt and it made me feel better! Check out their blog Craft Fail

Here are a few of the best bits!

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  1. oh my god, i love craft fail. ha ha ha ha ha ha and ha!