Monday, 2 April 2012

B Squad Night

I had my first of many bridesmaids nights. Wanted to make it a little bit special so enlisted the help of my chiefy Kirsty to help me perform another potential craft fail! I’d been on Pinterest to get a little bit of inspiration and came across this lovely balloon idea from

Kirsty and I made up some cupcakes, spent the whole night watching them explode all over the oven and then trying to ice them, scraping off the icing, having another go…scraping it off, watching a ‘How to ice’ video, retyring, scraping it off again and finally settling on using a spatula to pile it on! We found that by sticking a berry and a little flag on top seemed to help no end!


My gorgeous bridesmaids paid for me to have my makeup done… I’m gutted that there were no photos taken from the night or of my makeup – will definitely take more at the next one.

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