Tuesday, 14 February 2012

BIG love

So I've finally got myself set up on here...HOOORAY and have been so wrapped up in choosing pretty colours for links, text and backgrounds I've managed to waste an entire night...Valentines evening as well... ah well. no love lost. My fiance surprised me by sending a gorgeous bunch of flowers to my work to embarass the hell out of me (he openly admits it was the main reasoning behind him bowing down to Valentines Day bullshit).

Still...made me happy though. xx

Here are a few valentines day things that caught my eye.

 cute card that i will make next year...
‘You’re Just My Type’ Card
‘you’re just my type’ card by paper heart notonthehighstreet.com

anyone for a bit of cross stitch?

'I Heart…' Card Cross Stitch Kit

This cake looks amazing - my colleague emailed me their blog - just wish I'd seen it in time to order for today... if you click on the link below there are more images of Tim from Ash eating it... I'm not usually squeamish, but think the combination of my tummy thinking mmMmm cake and the how realistic the blood looks...bleummmgh!

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