Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hair Crush

I've decided it's time for my annual trip to the hairdressers - as a female I should relish the opportunity to be "pampered" for hours, but it's more the case of my hair dragging me, kicking and screaming, for the snip. I find the whole experience prolonged torture - from the disaproving looks off the hairdresser, to the sitting staring at my straw-like frizz for hours on end...I always hate the end result, they seem to ignore my pleas of "please don't make it big and boofy"!

Baring all that in mind, here are the styles I'm considering / fantasising over.

Loving the colour and style of this one.

 My hair has a natural wave, well more like kinkiness to I'm thinking this shouldn't be so hard to replicate...right?
 My hair is messy and long and practically this colour - no need to got to the hairdressers really! 
This picture has already accompanied to many a trip to the dreaded hairdressers - somehow never turns out this way! 


  1. Think you need to see a therapist not a hairdressers! Your hair pretty much looks like most of these pictures anyway, apart from the red colour, which I love, but with an impending wedding that would be very brave!

    1. my thoughts entirely. These are all pictures of your hair! Get thee to a mirror, not a hairdressers.